Aquaponics Indoor Garden Aquaculture Hydroponic System w/ Grow Light

Aquaponics Indoor Garden Aquaculture Hydroponic System w/ Grow Light

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Introducing the most advanced portable and all intelligent soil-less plant and fish cultivation system. Aquaponics is a system for the sustainable production of food that combines aquaculture (raising of fish, crayfish, or shrimp in tanks) with hydroponics (the cultivation of plants in water with no soil). Compare to Aerogarden and save while at the same time get a better product with more features. This is a symbiotic relationship because the plants and fish both benefit from living together. The plant’s roots clean the water of ammonia and toxins, which helps the fish – while the fish provide the plants with nutrients, which are obtained from the fish pee and poop, as well as from ammonia excreted from the fish gills. (this fish waste is converted into nitrates by beneficial bacteria in the water and then absorbed through the plant’s roots as organic fertilizer and nutrients) Please note that it will only be organic if you feed your fish organic fish food and give the plants organic supplemental fertilizer).

  • Advanced lighting system automatically turns off and on for the correct time depending on the setting you select.
  • Easy preset light settings for Tomatoes/Peppers, Salad Greens, Herbs/Basil, Flowers, and Strawberries.
  • Growing plants indoors is a natural way of purifying your air. Plants oxygenate your home and absorb pollution.
  • Create more oxygen and improve your indoor air quality.
  • Automatic Hydroponic/Aeroponic watering system only needs to have water changed/added every couple weeks.
  • Automatic alert system will light up on the display if the water or nutrient levels are low.
  • Full-Spectrum CFL Grow lights will grow your plants well. The light doubles as a table lamp.
  • Soilless grow medium, or grow sponge and herb seed kit not included. Sold separately.
  • Simply place seeds of your choice into the 7 grow pods and cover with the clear lid. You will be amazed at how quickly the seeds will begin to germinate. (Basil germinates in only 2-3 days)
  • Add a few small fish to the tank if you like (fish not included)
  • We suggest using only a small amount of solid fertilizer at a time if keeping fish in the tank as to not harm the fish.
  • Innovative product that appeals to a new growing aquaponics aeroponics aquaculture and hydroponics gardeners.
  • Grow your herbs and vegetables in the winter indorrs with no dirt in our soil-less hydroponic smart garden.
  • Bring life to any room with the fresh green of your plants and action from your fish.
  • Green office accessory: keeps the office environment happy and good for moral watching the growth of the plants and fish.
  • Looks great and produces edible herbs/vegetables, and Fish.
  • Clearly see the roots of your plants in the transparent tank
  • We recommend feeding your fish freeze dried krill instead of regular fish food, which has numerous ingredients that can contaminate your water.
  • Recommended to use bottled water or tap water that has sat out overnight if adding fish.
  • Do not put too many fish in the tank to prevent overcrowding. We recommend using goldfish or a single betta fish, but any type of fish, shrimp, or crayfish can be used that comfortably fits in the tank.
  • Do not overfeed the fish and please use natural fish food as to not contaminate the water that your plants are growing in.
  • Color: White + Transparent color
  • Package Size: 18.11 inches x 14.37 inches x 12.8-inches H
  • Product Size: 16.14- inches x 18.81- inches x 24.41-inches H (Height is Adjustable from 18.5-inches to 24.4-inches)
  • Weight: 13.23 lbs
  • Power: 110V; 60 watts

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